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Announcement from Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dear Friends,

The three day music festival known as Woodstock eventually came to an end back in 1969. As someone said this week, “Hearing the news about the end of Common Villages makes me sad because it feels like the band is breaking up.” It makes me sad too. It’s been my honor to be part of this incredible adventure that started when our family moved to Ladera Ranch more than 14 years ago. I’ve given my all to stay true to the call to establish a vibrant community of faith. I always believed, in spite of the obstacles, that we would find our way to a beautiful future. But God must have something else in mind.

There’s nothing wrong with “Plan B” and so let us offer ourselves in service to God, learning to say YES to the “whatever and wherever” God has for each of us. There’s no way to minimize the pain because the band is breaking up. And yet I am confident of this: everyone who found a place here will continue to share the music of God’s love. Today marks the first of my final four sermons at Common Villages. I’m looking forward to sharing more than spoken words, I hope together we’ll be able to share the hopes, memories and stories that matter most to us. 

on the way outside,

Pastor Steve Wright

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On Sunday, March 19, 2017, Pastor Steve made a presentation at San Clemente Presbyterian Church on the topic of "The Journey of Village: Learning, Loss, and Insight." If you're interested in viewing this presentation, please request a link to the video. For stats and a brief history of this project, download this PDF. For a summary of ten points of learning, download this PDF.